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"The benefits of coaching appear to win over even the most cynical clients within just a few weeks."
- Industry Week
Why get a coach?
WHAT CLIENTS ARE SAYING: The Benefits of Coaching

Find Work Where Your Passion Lies
"I've recently started a new job with an innovative philanthropic foundation which funds environmental and social projects. This in the direct path of my mission to change the world and childhood vision to conserve the Philippine environment. Elena was with me every step of the way: from clearly focusing my goals and strategies through the resume, 4 interviews, and negotiations. Coaching was integral to my finding work where my passion lies. Coaching with Elena has taught me to value my irreverent, funny, passionate personal style and has restored and renewed my confidence in the person I always was."
- Cristina Velez, Communications Coordinator, Tides Canada

Bring Your Business Success To The Next Level
"Have you ever had one of those "Ah Ha" moments? Where the path to where you want to head is suddenly illuminated? And the stepping stones on the path can clearly be seen, each with their own unique texture. This is what Life Coaching with Elena has done for me. Working with Elena is like talking with a best friend...but a best friend with tools to move you forward and help you focus the torch on the path you want to follow. Since beginning to work with Elena I have developed a new business plan and re-launched my business. I am enjoying every step and feel satisfied with a newly designed purpose. Everyone needs a Life Coach!"
-Stacey Byrnes , Owner, Byrnes Communications

Live A Life Of Balance And Discover Your True Priorities
"If someone asked me a year ago my thoughts on personal coaching, my reply would be "good for some people, but really not my thing". In this last year, Elena and Connect the Dots Coaching have really challenged my perspectives on how to achieve harmony with work, family and self. With her adventurous spirit and insightful persistence, Elena has been my cornerstone in enacting my personal priorities and career development strategy through a time of change with both unexpected difficulties and joys. Elena generously offers the wealth of her life experiences, business acumen and professional training. My friends and colleagues have also benefited as I often share what I am learning with others. What was "not really my thing" has become an incredible personal opportunity."
- Sang Mah, entrepreneur

Reduce Stress Levels For High Achievers
"Motivation has never been a problem for me but stress and focus have. Fortunately, I started working with Elena just at the start of launching a new venture. Elena's coaching has kept me focused on what's important to get my business off the ground, and also leaves me surprisingly stress-free. I'm enjoying my work more too. Consider it a breakthrough. Thank You Elena!"
- Dawn Bowles, President and Founder, DreamBank

More Empowering Than Therapy
"Elena helped me look at areas of my life where I was stuck in unhealthy thought patterns. She did not let me wallow in self pity, but instead helped me figure out solutions and new ways to look at things. I have been to therapists and psychologists and their approach was not as helpful. With traditional therapy I often came away feeling more like damaged goods from my past. Rather than letting me get stuck in the mire of past mistakes, Elena quickly got me turned around to focus on what I want for the future. Her approach was always positive and empowering and I will continue to use the ideas we came up with together to help me achieve my goals and have the life I want."
- Sue Johnson, teacher

Attain Objectivity and Clarity
"When a person is stressed and emotionally invested, it's hard to be objective. Elena's coaching framework helped achieve clarity by determining what I wanted and how to get there while achieving balance in other areas. I was fortunate to have known Elena in a professional context before she became my coach. Making the decision to use her was simple - I was already witness to her intelligence, optimism and effective communication style. She combines a rare skill set - demonstrated serial success, a zest for life and new ventures, and a genuine concern for people."
-Christine Berka, Director, Business Development

Manage Transitions With Ease
"Coaching with Elena helped me get through a difficult transition in my workplace. We defined exactly what was frustrating me, which helped me to see a way out of it. I can now define my values more clearly, what I seek in personal and professional relationships, what I need to nurture my creativity and to be generous in teaching and helping others. Our coaching sessions made me pose tough questions to myself- the questions that, when answered, shed light onto subjects or parts of my personality that I had chosen to ignore or suppress. I wouldn't have been able to get these results on my own."
-Angel Barron, Department Manager, Abercrombie and Fitch

Let Go of the Past, and Focus on Present and Future Goals
"Over the past 9 months Elena has helped me achieve my career goals and become a much happier, self-confident, focused person. I was stuck in a position that was not valuing my values. This was eroding my self-confidence and making me believe that I was not good enough to achieve my career goals. Elena helped me understand the values that are important to me, and to understand that even though they might be different from other scientists in my field, they are still valid and would make me a good scientist. She also helped me to see where I still have work to do, and to realize that I would be able to work on those areas of my life that still needs attention. She has shown me that it is not the past that counts, but the future, and how to get to where you want to be."
-Sheila Heymans (Lecturer, Scottish Association for Marine Science)

Work Through The Real Issues To Find Powerful Solutions
"I found great value in working with Elena. While always a personable and thoughtful coach, she is also focused and discriminating. She quickly works through the fluff and drills down to find the real issues. She's not afraid to ask the hard questions and is skilled in supporting you so that you can find your own solutions."
- Winney Chow, Co-Founder, Clarrus Consulting Group

Get Clear And Focused On What You Want
"As a new entrepreneur, a wife and mother, an involved friend, aunty, sister and community member I was struggling. I felt unclear, unfocused, scattered. I was not where I wanted to be in some key areas of my life. As Elena and I worked together, I made some major breakthroughs on how my own mind was holding me back. In a true coaching style Elena asked the right questions, drilled further, pushed gently for answers and gave structure so I could gain clarity and create solutions that would work for me. After 3 months together I have a much better sense of who I am, what I want and where I am going. Most importantly I have the tools to continue creating the life I want. I attribute my success in these areas to both my own self determination and to Elena's insightful, skillful and purposeful approach to people and the coaching process. How lucky I was to have Elena as my coach in this important time in my life!"
- Katie Wyka , HR Manager, D-Wave Systems

Discard Limiting Beliefs And Make Your Dreams Come True
"During my first 30 minute consultation, Elena helped me uncover the deepest darkest fear that I had carried with me since I was a child which repeatedly affected my most intimate and treasured relationships; both personal & professional. Now with that awareness, I have moved forward so quickly and grasped the respect and acceptance that I so longingly awaited for... from myself. Elena is a profound individual who is intelligent, patient, a great listener and a successful professional who I am grateful to for helping me create a more fulfilled life. More dreams have become a reality in 3 weeks with Elena than in a lifetime on my own."
-Noeleen Ekstrom , Owner, Before & After Designs

Create And Achieve Your Vision
"Elena is enabling me to better visualize the direction I want my life and work to take, and empowering me with the steps to achieve this vision. With her coaching and support, I feel stronger and happier than ever."
-Sonia Dewey, Principal, Hotfusion Communications

Believe In Yourself
"The power of thought provoking questions! Elena asked them at the right time and didn't miss a heart beat. Thank you for believing in me and showing me that I believe in myself. I can do it and will do it!"
-A. Zaslov, Volunteer Coordinator, Canadian Air Force

Develop More Confidence
"Working with Elena has taught me to look at certain issues from a fresh perspective, giving me much more confidence in myself and the tools to get closer to and achieve my personal goals. Others noticed this new awareness and confidence in myself, and I've made changes and decisions in my life that have really improved my overall happiness."
- A.A.

Most clients use coaching for help on time management, career guidance and business advice.

Source: ICF

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